Pick up and Drop off

We will pick you up from your address and drop you at the ned of the lesson.

Payment options

We accept card and cash. You can pay by your debit or credit card.

Own car for driving lesson

You can use your own car for lesson. Given that the car is registered and insured.

Booking cancellation

You must call to cancel your booking. Penaltyapplies if you do not show up for your lesson.

Advance booking

you should make booking early. While every effort will be taken to provide you a booking, but you mught miss out because of no availbale time.

Licensing information

you can find all the licensing inforamtion at RMS website. just click on the RMS button at the bottom of the homepage.

International driver

you can drive in Australia. There is a list of countries in RMS website. Click on the international licnecing button at the bottom of homepage.